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Throughout my life, I've had a diverse range of experiences: starting a career in the corporate world, moving to UAE and switching to creative entrepreneurship and marketing. This journey has taught me the importance of life balance - the idea that your career doesn't solely define you. Besides work, I do yoga, travel the world, create my own ceramics and go with the flow of trying new things and experiences.

I’ve been an entrepreneur in UAE since 2018, working on freelance projects in the creative field. In 2021 I established a marketing agency with my partner in Abu Dhabi. With your own business, it’s always a journey of learning, with ups and downs along the way.


My quest for equilibrium led me to spiritual travels in India, culminating in my certification as an Ayurveda Wellness Coach.


A feeling of burnout after 5 years in my business was a turning point, introducing me to the transformative power of coaching. It's been a vital force, reconnecting me with my essence and guiding me through life's highs and lows.

In 2023, I enrolled in CTI Coaching Training to become a professional co-active coach. Now, I combine CTI's professional coaching skills with entrepreneurial background and wellness expertise, providing my clients with a comprehensive toolkit for personal transformation and business growth.

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Certifications and Trainings

Co-Active Coaching by Coaching Training Institute Dubai, UAE 2023-2024

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach by Shakti School,

USA 2021-2022

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