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Are You Looking for Success or Fulfillment?

In an age defined by ambition and success, self-advancement has become the default lens through which we view our lives. From childhood, society ingrains in us the belief that forward is the only direction. We chase promotions, strive for recognition (especially online), and always yearn for more – more educational degrees, higher job titles, more wealth. While this drive can lead to remarkable accomplishments, it can also obscure what truly matters in our quest for contentment and fulfillment.

The Allure of Constant Progress

It's undeniable: there's a magnetic allure to the idea of continual progress. The promise of a better tomorrow, a higher position, or a fatter paycheck can be motivating. And there's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to progress. In many cases, it's this very drive that leads to innovation, societal development, and personal growth.

The Distraction of the Chase

However, this relentless pursuit of advancement can sometimes divert our attention from our innate strengths and passions. In the race to the top, we often wear multiple hats, sometimes at the expense of what we genuinely love and do best. We might push aside our true talents or passions because they don't align with what society deems "successful" or because they don't promise immediate monetary rewards. Like doing pottery, working with kids, and playing in amateur theater.

Moreover, in our bid for continuous growth, we might ignore our inner needs, both emotional and physical. Overwork, stress, and burnout become frequent companions, distancing us further from a sense of fulfillment.

Realigning with Fulfillment

Fulfillment doesn't always come packaged as the next big promotion or a bursting bank account. More often than not, it's found in the moments when we leverage our natural abilities, when we contribute meaningfully to our family, friends or immediate society, and when we connect authentically with others.

To truly find success that is not measured in quantity but quality, we must occasionally hit the pause button on our quest for advancement. It's essential to take a look at where we are, reassess our paths, and recalibrate our goals. It might mean realigning our career trajectory, revisiting old hobbies, or simply spending more time with loved ones.


While self-advancement is a natural pursuit, it's crucial to remember that the path to genuine contentment often requires a balance. By all means, let's chase our dreams, but let's also ensure that in doing so, we don't lose sight of what truly matters and what genuinely makes us thrive.

(Self-advancement is the default way in which we face the world, but it often distracts us from what we do best and need most in order to be fulfilled.)


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